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Squats and Tots

Squats & Tots is a small, personal and friendly exercise class specifically designed for new mums, where baby can come too.

These classes are a great stepping stone into doing some exercise without putting your body under too much unnecessary stress. It is essential to look after your body after birth and pregnancy and allow it to recover properly.

We provide a body tone class with emphasis on improving pelvic floor, core and posture. The classes will still involve traditional exercises for toning and strength to give you that feel good workout feeling.

 Ideal for:

  • New mums wanting to do some exercise but are unsure where to start after having a baby.
  • Mums not feeling quite ready for intense, high impact exercise.
  • If you are struggling to do it alone, or need extra motivation.
  • If you are looking to tone up, improve strength in your core and pelvic floor
  • Wanting to socialise with other new mums

About us:
Working with me on the Squats & Tots classes is Lissie We are both very friendly and our classes are small and welcoming and we look forward to meeting you.

Jennifer: I am a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer and class instructor. As a mum who has been through 2 pregnancies and had a C-section, I understand the importance of maintaining fitness and health and have specialist qualifications in pre and post natal exercise to ensure that I provide the correct exercises and advice to new mums.

Lissie: I’m a level 3 qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor. I have completed a further qualification in Pre and Post Natal exercise along with some extensive further research into exercise programming for Post Natal women. I haven’t (yet – but hopefully one day) had any children myself but when I started training new mummies I was keen to find out as much information as I could about different experiences of birth and the journey women take after birth to get their post baby body back.
During my career I have trained a number of different ladies with specific Post Natal exercise goals whose babies ranged from 8 weeks to 2.5 years. This just showed me that no matter what your child’s age it’s never too late to go back to exercise. My Post Natal clients also came to me with very different births and Post birthing journeys – this only fuelled my knowledge around what it’s like. However I also understand everyone’s story is very different and mummies are affected in different ways – it’s all personal to you!

When can I start?
Most mums are fine to start these classes from 6-8 weeks post birth, 10-12 weeks if you had a caesarean section. Feel free to call me for a chat if you are unsure.

*The babies will be in pushchairs but there there is a playpen for wriggly babies. Mums will be responsible for their own baby’s safety if they choose to use the playpen. I may have to limit numbers in the playpen at any one time.

*Mums are free to feed, cuddle and tend to their babies at any time during the class but for health and safety reasons babies cannot be carried or in slings during the exercises.

Babies older than 1 year will be starting to get too big for the playpen and much less likely to want to stay in a pushchair so classes will be suitable for up to 1 year old.

You can attend these classes without your baby if you have childcare in place, in which case your baby/child can be any age!

Class Details
The classes run in blocks of 8 consecutive weeks

Cost of an 8 week term – £54

Tuesday 11.45am – Stage 1 – Spirit Healthclub, Holiday Inn, Cartwright Dr, Titchfield, Fareham PO15 5RJ

Please contact me for details of term dates and to check availability.

The booking forms and health questionnaires below can be filled out once I’ve confirmed availability and dates.