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Personal Training - What I Do

I provide a mobile service for women of all ages and can train you in your home, garden or a local park area. I have a variety of exercise equipment to ensure the sessions are varied and fun.

Personal training sessions are just that, personal to you. When it comes to health and exercise, no one size fits all, so I always get to know you before your very first exercise session and continue to ensure the sessions are suitable for you as you progress.

After your intial contact, I will speak on the phone and can answer any questions you may have about personal training. We will then book a free consultation to meet each other and discuss your goals and exercise history further.

Our first session will be an assessment to find out more about you. I will do some key measurements, postural assesments and a fitness test. This will also be a benchmark as a starting point from which to measure our progress.

I will devise a suitable fitness programme based on your goals and our findings of your assessment. This programme allows you to exercise between sessions, which really helps towards achieving your goals.

I try to keep our one to one PT sessions different to the programme and aim to keep each session varied so they are fun and enjoyable but also challenging!

Most of all I am there with you to keep you going and make sure you are doing everything correctly and safely.

Please Contact Me

I specialise in women's fitness. If you have any questions I would love to hear from you. I work within an 8 mile radius of Park Gate SO31 7FY Hampshire. You can contact me by: Telephone 07825 132644 or email message me below.

Jennifer Wainwright Personal Trainer

Please be aware that results from personal training can vary for each individual and there is no guarantee of specific results